photos by Joachim Zoepf  

(prepared) alto-/ tenorsaxophone, clarinet, Improvisation, composition


enjoys a largely autodidact education, where it has been quite natural -thanks to good old Wanne-Eickel´s tradition- that improvisation is a mean to develop musical forms, as well as to be form/music itself. So his collaboration with W.-E. trio "Pöhl Musik", recording and touring along with Jon Rose in Germany, France and Southamerica from 1986 – '88, left him an important mark.
Until the early 90s he spent several years playing a lot of different  styles of music, including big-band-jazz, rock and punk, top 40 and the music he composed especially for his own trio "Salz" and which he calls 'nojazz'.
Then he turned his artistic focus mainly towards Improvised music and meanwhile he is working internationally, performing solo or with ensembles/projects (together with …George Cremaschi, Michel Doneda, Gunda Gottschalk, Matthew Goodheart, Peter Jacquemyn, Hans-Jürgen Kanty, Misha Mengelberg, Joker Nies, Roland Ramanan, Yves Romain, Alan Silva, Nicolas Simion, "LIO"…   in clubs and on festivals (e.g. "New Jazz", Moers; "A-Cute", Bremen; "Inaudible", Brussels; "Schumannfest", Düsseldorf; "Re Discover/O Ucesnicima", Belgrade; "Fracture-Festival", Liverpool; "Humanoise Congress", Wiesbaden; "Triennale", Köln; "Free Music Festival", Antwerp).
Furthermore, like as a negative/counterpart to improvisation, he concernes himself in composition, writing for stringtrio, chamberorchestra and solosaxophone.

current projects:

"The Arte of Navigation" solo, Improvised music

"Canaries on the Pole" belgian-german quartet (Improvised music), working together constantly since 2001;
with Jacques Foschia (bcl, eb-cl), Mike Goyvaerts (perc), Christoph Irmer (v), Georg Wissel ((prep.)saxes)

"BEEfor2" Duo with Mike Goyvaerts (perc) + Georg Wissel
Main Entry: 3bee
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps from English dialect been help given by neighbors, from Middle English bene prayer, boon, from Old English bEn prayer
: a gathering of people for a specific purpose <quilting bee>
O.E. beo, from P.Gmc. *bion (cf. O.H.G. bia, M.Du. bie), possibly from PIE base *bhi- "quiver." Used metaphorically for "busy worker" since 1535. Sense of "meeting of neighbors to unite their labor for the benefit of one of their number," 1769, Amer.Eng., is from comparison to the social activity of the insect; this was extended to other senses (e.g. spelling bee, first attested 1809). Beehive is first attested c.1325; as a kind of hairstyle, 1960.

"Fineworks" large ensemble, working on Improvised music;
with …Claus van Bebber (turntables/electr), Tiziana Bertoncini (v), Uli Böttcher (electr), Nils Gerold (fl,bcl), Sebastian Gramss (db), Erhard Hirt (git/electr), Paul Hubweber (tbn), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), Christoph Irmer (v), Paul Lytton (perc), Dirk Marwedel (sax), Ulrich Phillipp (db), Angelika Sheridan (fl), Ute Völker (acc), Georg Wissel ((prep.)sax), Hainer Woermann (git), Georg Wolf (db)…

Quintet with Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), Christoph Irmer (v), Tim Perkis (computer/electr) Sue Schlotte (vc), Georg Wissel ((prep.) saxes)
..."I (we) don´t use computers (instruments) to simply carry out ideas I (we) may have: I (we)´d rather work in situations that force me (us) to respond to surprises that are dealt to me (us) by systems whose complexity and unpredictability are so high that their behaviour can not be known in advance."...(Perkis)

"AdamNoidltMissiles" large ensemble directed by Frank Köllges, celebrating wild, anarchic performances + journeys  through Impro, punk, rock, funk, jazz, noise, swing
with …Dirk Bell (git), Gernot Bogumil (trp), Mary-Noele Dupuis (voc), Paul Hubweber (tbn), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), Josef Kirschgen (drm), Jan Klare (as), Hartmut Kracht (db), Achim Krämer (drm/perc), Viola Kramer (electr), Ligia Liberatore (voc), Konrad Mathieu (e-b), Lukas Matzerath (git), Udo Moll (trp), Jeffrey Morgan (ss), Michael Plewka (electr), Matthias Schubert (ts), Norbert Sollbach (git), Norbert Stein (ts), Nicolao Valiensi (tbn/euphonium), Georg Wissel (as)…

"Banda Metafisica" cologne-based brass-band playing the music of the tuscany and compositions from leader Nicolao Valiensi (comp, euphonium)
with …Ebasa (trp), Andrea Gellert (cl), Joachim Gellert (tuba), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), Frank Köllges (perc), Annette Maye (cl), Stefan Meinberg (trp), Udo Moll (trp, comp), Matthias Muche (tbn), Felix Petry (cl), Angelika Sheridan (fl), Georg Wissel (cl)…

Trio with Rüdiger Beckemeier (comp, bcl), Dusica Cajlan-Wissel (pno), Georg Wissel (cl) working on compositions of Rüdiger Beckemeier


Canaries on the Pole – Canaries on the Pole (Free Elephant/2005)
The Arte of Navigation* – Georg Wissel solo (nurnichtnur/2001)
Einen Moment lang sichtbar sein – Erik Satie Projekt (self-published/2000)
TroisVenture – TroisVenture (nurnichtnur/1999)
live at Stadtgarten, Cologne  – Bull´s Eye Ensemble (nurnichtnur/1997)
auf geht’s! – Bull´s Eye Ensemble on sampler of the LOFT, Cologne (2nd floor edition/1996)

* complete transscription of this recording available as manuscript

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  'Confianza & Geduld' - CD 2017
  'Blankdisc Trio - im KomikerLand / u CudnojZemlji' - CD 2007
  'The Arte of Navigation' - CD 2001
  'TroisVenture' - CD 1999 - sold out
  'bull's eye ensemble' - CD 1997 - sold out