Guitar, Electronics

    plays guitar and various noise boxes (pedals). His instrumental pieces are collages, compositions and improvisations based on electrical noise.
Van Uden sees his music as pure punk. It embodies the anarchy in Free Jazz, Modern Composition and Post-Velvet-Rock. Although he is inspired by Coltrane and Cage, his ambition in making music comes from Punk-Rock.
His carreer started as guitarist in the Chili-Peppers-inspired „Mozzarella Overdose“. Unsatisfied with this job he formed „Drag Queen“ in 1991. Till their break-up in 1995 „Drag Queen“ terrorized their area with No Wave and Noise-Punk.
Today van Uden almost works as a solo artist. He is doing homerecordings and performs whenever he can solo and with 'Tröster' Clemens Drissen as „Tinnitussies“, a multi media project, that also involves visual aspects.

„His tenacious guitar-and-noise-box scroichles attach themselves to the central nervous system like a grilled portobello sandwich with way too much horseradish.“ Seymour Glass in Bananafish 14

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  Six And More - Way Out - CD 2002
  'Call it electronic' - CD 1999