photos by Thomas Witte  



born 8/11/1954 near Bielefeld, grew up in Wetter/Ruhr, now lives in Witten/Ruhr

By the age of 19 he was a member of a Free Jazz Group from Dortmund/Witten, and established first contacts with the Wuppertal Scene (Peter Kowald) followed by contacts to the Leverkusen/Aachen Scene (Paul Lovens/Erhard Hirt).

In the beginning his music was mainly influenced by Free Jazz. But soon he developed his own characteristic piano style, extensively using 'inside piano' techniques. This now relates rather to English 'Free Music' and sounds more like 'Neue Musik'. He conducted his own groups with members like Paul Lovens and Evan Parker and recorded in Berlin with FMP. Now he publishes with his own label 'happy few records' with Erhard Hirt, Paul Hubweber, Thomas Lehn and others.

Martin Theurer

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  'achtmal.1 - SoloSchichten' - CD 200 - sold out
  'Kaffee & Kuchen' - CD 2001
  'Trinidad' - CD 1999 - sold out
  'Konferenz der Köche' - CD 1999 - sold out
  'U Boot Party' - CD 1998 - sold out
  'Kleiner Ballon' - CD 1998
  ZWEI + ZWEI SIND DREI, 2. Konzert' - CD 1998
  'GEÄST' - CD 1998 - sold out
  'ZWEI + ZWEI SIND DREI, 1. Konzert' - CD 1998 - sold out