Marit Schlechte  

Composer-performer, improvisor: piano / electronic


* 1970 in G.D.R.; grew up in East Berlin; member of the alternative musical scene in East Berlin; studied composition with Friedrich Goldmann at the „Hochschule der Künste“ Berlin; has been living in Stuttgart since 1998; 2000 graduation as a „Diplom-music-teacher”; freelancer as a teacher for piano; founded the ensemble „u n t e r t o n“ for experimental improvised music in 2002; (with Anja Füsti, percussion and Oliver Prechtl, electronic); founded together with Hanfreich (electronic beats and loops) the audio-visual group „Hammerhaus“ (with Kurt Laurenz Theinert, visual piano); founded and organizes the series of concerts „momentmusik“ at the „theater rampe stuttgart“ (running since 2003); also organizes concerts for improvised experimantal music in Gedok-Galerie Stuttgart. She took part in festivals such as CAMP 03 International festival for experimental music and visual arts 2003 Kirchentellinsfurt; Klangraum Stuttgart in 2004 and Setmana de la musica Metronom Barcelona in 2005.

In solo work with the piano, the attention is focused on producing permanent movement between repetition and change, like riding through a landscape or touching the surface of something. Recently she began to mix up playing inside the piano and playing the keys like a percussionist plays his several instruments.

With electronic instruments (a couple of cd- + md-players, effects unit, mixing board, 2-5 loudspeakers) she plays with prepared soundmaterial, short samples she recorded and edited or cut out of other music; here she also works with the loop function of cd-players but in a way that the looping is not noticable

She played with a lot of musicians such as Jo Ambros (Berlin, guitar), Boris Baltschun (Berlin, sampler), Conny Bauer (Berlin, trombone), Alessandro Bosetti, (Berlin, soprano saxofon), Michel Doneda (Toulouse, soprano saxofon), Günter Heinz (Dresden, trombone), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Cologne, tuba), Thomas Maos (Tübingen, guitar), Alfredo Costa Monteiro (Barcelona, accordion), Uli Phillipp (Wiesbaden, double bass, electronic), Christian Reiner (Wien, voice), Maciej Walczak (Lodz, vj) and many others.

At present she has a strong interest in working for playing solo piano and solo electronic but also collaborates with musician and visual artist such as Jörg Kallinich (Tübingen): slideprojectors ; Alban Bailly (Nancy), guitar; Chris Heenan (Los Angeles), Alto Saxofon,

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  'piano solo' - CD 2005