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The music of Thomas Maos combines the energy of rock with the sound aesthetics of modern classical music and the dirt of noisemusic.
For his work, there is no ascetic use of electronic or mechanical tools. Anything wich gives Thomas Maos inspirations for creating new sounds will be (mis)treated in the (a)tonal improvisations and compositions, where chaos has an exactly defined place.

Since 1992 he is organizing so-called "Werkstatt"-Concerts for experimental and free improvised music in the Club Voltaire in Tübingen/South Germany. Since that time he played together with various artists from Europe and USA.

Current projects
BEYOND FIRE - Concert for 8 Slide-projectors and electric guitar
SAG DOCH WAS - a play at the LTT Landestheater Tübingen
SWEETWATER - pop music
KOPF AB - literatur -music-dj-Culture

current release
FORBIDDEN PLANET - with Gino Robair, Pit Schmidt, Björn Eichstaedt

future releases
AdVenture - Duo-CD with Nikola Lutz
1st SOLO -CD

Thomas Maos played together with:
Günther Heinz, Elliot Sharp, Gino Robair, Paul Hubweber, Fried Dähn, Ulrike Helmholz, John-Wolf Brennan, Christian Wolfarth, Nikola Lutz, Alexander Frangenheim,Pit Schmidt, Helmut Bieler -Wendt, Uli Sobotta, Jörg Kallinich, Improfon Dresden, Achim Braun, Gene Coleman, Lou Grassi, Björn Eichstädt, Mike Svoboda, JOPO, Lukas Lindenmaier, Chang-Soo Park, Vincent Royer, Cynthia Folio, Fred Lohnberg-Holm.


Thomas Maos

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  chill in - drill out - CD 2005
  'Forbidden Planet' - CD 2001 - sold out