Composition, Soundinstallation


born in 1959 in Germany, he studied Fine Arts in Hamburg under Claus Böhmler, Henning Christiansen, Sigmar Polke a.o. Since 1990: exhibitions of sound installations and projects in relation to specific locations. In his works he focuses on the synaesthetic perception.
His topic is creating innovative forms of aleatoric processes in interaction with the onlooker, based on subjects of everyday life. He lives in Sweden and Germany.
"The sound objects, which he has devolved, are witnessing the artists a personal vision of the relation between sound and pictures in a way of pointing out the effect of human perception. Each visual and auditive element constituting his installations associates to a wide field of interpretations. According to that a chain reaction of different associations follows, which creates the subjective value of the work. Throughout the use of various materials (ventilation vans, deckchairs, lamps, walkmen etc.) Tilman Küntzel creates site-specific installations in which the visual and auditive impressions melt together.
Enclose his activities as visual artist Tilman Küntzel is also composing. These pieces of music are available on MC and CD. The works of Küntzel has been presented in the Gallery Wschodnia (Lodz 1991), the state Museum of Baden-Baden town (1992)" and Goethe-Institut New Dehli, India (1997, see chronological list below)
Paul Panhuysen,
Het Apollohuis Eindhoven (NL)

*1959 born in Hessen (southern Germany),
1982-1990 studied Fine Arts in Hamburg with Claus Böhmler, Henning Christiansen and others,
1991 received a scholarship from the Authority of Culture, State of Hamburg,
1992 won the prize "Forum of Young Art", Stuttgart (Germany),
1993 Artist in Residence "Het Apollohuis" Eindhoven, The Netherlands,
1993 DAAD-Scholarship in California, USA with Allan Kaprow, Paul Mc Carthy,
1998 Artist in Residence Schloß Solitude Stuttgart, Germany,
1999 Artist in Residence C3, Centre for Comunication and Media Arts, Soros Foundation Budapest (HU).
Since 1992 gives lectures at the college of Lüneburg in the department of Aesthetic & Communication
lives and works in Sweden and Germany.
1999 Stuttgart (Germany) Academy Schloss Solitude, " Oh Solitude"
1999 Neuenkirchen (Germany) Kunstverein Springhornhof "Syntopic Landscapes" Light and Sound Installations
1999 Berlin (Germany) Galerie K & S "LIGHTS & SOUNDS"
1999 Darmstadt (Germany) Springcorses for new music and music pedagogic, "Three Roses - Three Snare Drums"
1988 Toronto (Canada), Mercer Union, Center for Contempoary Art "Ein Kleiner Rosengarten"
1998 St. John`s, New Foundland (Canada) Sound Symposium, "The Sounding Windsocks' Signal Hill Monument"
1998 Smedsby (Sweden) The Alma Löv Museum of experimental & unexp. art. Own Pavilion
1998 Lueneburg (Germany) "The residence of boredom" Soundinstallations Heinrich-Heine-House Lueneburg
1998 Hamburg (Germany) "Billy The Cow"- The metamorphosis of the slaughter cattle into "Billy, the children's pâté", interactive sound
1997 Lodz (Poland), Gallery Wschodnia: "Lights and Sounds generated by chains of light"
1997 Malmö (Sweden) Gallery Rostroom: "Light and Sound Installations"
1997 Jesteburg (Germany) Gallery im Fachwerk: "Keeping Silent is Golden", outside-sound-installation
1997 New Delhi (India) "Light and Sound Installations" Max Mueller Bahaman (Goethe Institute)
1997 Mt. Abu (India) "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SMILE" The Artist's Meeting "Golden Seed"
1996 Wroclaw (Poland) Gallery Design "Real/Hyper" with Uli Guth (Munich) Synaesthetic Objects
1996 Hamburg (Germany) Weltbekannt e.V.: "Tilman knows - the artist's nose in 100% chocolate"
1996 Cracow (Poland) 4th Audio-Art Festival "Sound room: Gypsia 1889 in Memoriam" Goethe-Institute Cracow
1996 Kassel (Germany) Producers' gallery: "The sound of horror vacui"" Light-/sound installation
1996 Frankfurt/O. (Germany) Gallery Grenzraum: "Based on a true story" interactive sound installations for
a former agrarian machine hall
1995 Sztetin (Poland) Gallery Teraz "Jaroslaw Hulbuj and Tilman Küntzel"
1995 Bialystok (Poland), State Gallery Arsenal: "Time and Space, Sound and Silence, Presence and Void"
by Paul Panhuysen and Tilman Küntzel
1994 Hamburg (Germany), Gallery KM 235: "T.K. shows up in Hamburg"
1993 Eindhoven (Netherlands), Het Apollohuis: "Phoneme, Morpheme, Prosody"
1992 Bialystok (Poland), State Gallery Arsenal: "Mirek Filonik and Tilman Küntzel"
1992 Posnan (Poland), Gallery AT: "Sometimes it must be red lips, sometimes it must be red apples"
1992 Baden-Baden (Germany) Museum of Contemporary Art "Rooms of perception - we are catching the possible"
1990 Hamburg (Germany) "Vector" showcases
1990 Lodz (Poland) Gallery Wschodnia: "Pigeons-Canaries-Budgerigar-Tigerfinches"
1990 Hamburg (Germany) Weltbekannt e.V. : "Kinetic Installations"
1989 Scuol (Switzerland) "Kinetic Installations and Sound-objects"

1996 Hamburg (Germany) [KX] Art at Kampnagel, "Lights & Sounds"
1999 Lüneburg (Germany) HyperCult", Symposium for Digitale Media "Babelfish Variationen", Video Documentation
1999 Toronto (Canada) Music Gallery / Goethe-Institut, Sound Sculpture Symposium 4 Eye & Ear,
1999 Köln (Germany) IGNIS - Internationales Kunstzentrum "Speechsalat", "Ein kleiner Rosengarten"
1999 Budapest (Hungary) G Ernst Museum, "Blaue Rose gegen Rote Rose"
1999 Darmstadt (Germany) Frühjahrskurse für neue Musik und Musikerziehung, "Drei Rosen - Drei Snare Drums"
1998 Gifhorn (Germany) Soundsculpture "Celesta Solaris"
1998 Jesteburg (Germany) "Turbulences in the Air space", Sound installation
1998 Rosengarten (Germany) Open air Museum Kikeberg, Soundsculptur "Celesa Solaris"
1998 Lüneburg (Germany) BBK- jeer exhibition."L'art pour l`art - Football for a football"
1997 Hamburg (Germany) outdoor sound installation for the lobby of the Film-Institute Hamburg
1997 Wolfsburg (Germany) Castle of the town of Wolfsburg, park of Sculptures: "Celesta Solaris", sound sculpture
1996 Hamburg (Germany) Phonothek of the Museum of fine Arts / Gallery for Contemporary Art Hamburg :
"We are catching the possible"
1995 Berlin (Germany) ArtRoom "The sound get its distance", "Phonetic Salad"
1995 Stockholm (Sweden) Christian Riloff's "Comp i Box", "Light holes"
1995 Plasy (Czech Republic) Hermes Foundation: "The sounds of meridian crossings"
1995 Wroclaw (Poland), Sound Basis Visual Art Festival: "The sounding garden gnome"
1995 Cracow (Poland), State Gallery, The 10th Cracowian meetings: "Voiceless Phoneme"
1995 Bourges (France), Festival Bandits-Mages: "The sounding garden gnome"
1994 Wroclaw (Poland), Radio Wroclaw: "Macrophon" "The sounding ventilators"
1994 Cardiff (Wales, Great Britain): "Site - Ations", "Dripping music on Welsh's folk head"
1994 Essen (Germany), House of the Artists: "The sounding garden gnome"
1994 Poznan (Poland), International Art Centre Poznan (Curator) "Nightingale meets song-thrush"
1993 Sopot (Poland), State Gallery (Curator): "The Sounding garden-gnome", "The sounding Ventilators"
1992 Turin (Italy), "Festival differenti Sensationi": kinetic installation
1992 Dortmund (Germany), Festival Lento-Eigenzeit: "in Dialog With the Birds" Outside sound installation
1992 Sopot (Poland), State Gallery of Sopot: "Mystic Perseveration and the Rose" interactive Soundinstallation
1992 Bochum (Germany),Art Hall: "The sounding culture - bags"
1992 Hamburg (Germany), Authority of Culture Hamburg: "Scholarship 1991"
1991 Arnhem (Netherlands), AVE-Festival: "Synaesthetic objects"
1991 Kiel / Wolfsburg (Germany), Art Exhibit Hall: "The sounding culture-bags (=direct translation of the German word
for "toilet bag"), "The sounding Mobilé"
1991 Warsaw (Poland), Centre of Contemporary Art: "The Circle of Wschodnia"
1988 Hamburg (Germany), House of Art Hamburg: "Series of synaesthetic sound objects"
1987 Hamburg (Germany), BATIG Society of participation: "The sounding mobile"
1986 Marseille (France), Ville Charité: "Soun Gui Kim and her guests"
1986 Darmstadt (Germany), Institute for New Music and Music Pedagogic "Polyphone Prelude" for duo
1996 Lüneburg (Germany), International week of contemporary music "Polyphone Prelude" for ensemble
1995 Lüneburg (Germany), Gallery Viskulenhof: "Sound-Picture-Sound-Art"
1985 Hamburg (Germany), Museum of Fine Arts - Phonothek

1999 Nijmegen (Netherlands) "No jumping up and down on the beds", "Ein Kleiner Rosengarten"
1998 Stuttgart (Germany) Klang-Raum Festival "Turbulences in the Air Space"
1998 St. John`s (Canada) Sound Symposium 9, Harbour Symphony "Give me an F"
1997 Lüneburg (Germany), Radio ZuSa: "Sounds from sound objects, -installations and other compositions"
1997 Hannover (Germany): "Improvisation for in-between-spaces" -for soprano, accordion and organ,
1997 Göttingen (Germany): "Improvisation for in-between-spaces" -for soprano, accordion and organ.
1996 Warsaw (Poland), Audio-Art Festival: "Octet for 8 speakers, 8 women and 8 flashlights with sounds from
"voiceless phoneme" in association with sounds from "Gypsia in memoriam" (mechanic-aleatoric Composition)
1995 Lüneburg (Germany): Bach-choir "I hesitate, therefore I am" -for a Choir in six groups, solo singers and organ
on texts by René Descartes
1994 Wroclaw (Poland), Macrophon`94: "Phoneme, Morpheme, Prosody"
1993 Lodz (Poland), Radio Lodz: "Destruction in process", "Live Mix Performance" with Paul Panhuysen
1993 Posnan (Poland), Festival: "John Cage and what now?" "Octet for Phoneme"
1993 Eindhoven (Netherlands), Het Apollohuis: "Phoneme, Morpheme, Prosody"
1992 Hamburg (Germany): Vernissage "Scholarship-holders 1991", "Tancrede for Quartet"
1992 Dortmund (Germany), House of the Artists: "Journey through the high Inner"
1991 Arnhem (Netherlands), Festival AVE: "Journey through the high Inner"
1991 Lüneburg (Germany), Orchestra of the Friends of Music: "Tancrede Boucharressas"
Conducted by Gottfried Küntzel
1990 Hamburg (Germany), Radio: Open Channel: "Journey through the high Inner"
1987 Hamburg (Germany), Local Movie Theatre Metropolis: "Lomotors Speech"
1986 Marseille (France), Luminy School of Art: "Luminy Requiem - Come until you go"
1996 Darmstadt (Germany), (Curator): Classes of New Music and Music Pedagogic, "Polyphonic Prelude"
1986 Lüneburg (Germany), Week of Study for Contemporary Music: "Polyphonic Prelude"
1995 Lüneburg (Germany), Gallery Viskulenhof: "Polyphonic Prelude"
1985 Hamburg (Germany), Art School annual exhibition "Study in three Parts"

1999 LIGHTS & SOUNDS BY TILMAN KÜNTZEL Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen
1997/98 THREE CDs - ONE NAME: TILMAN KUENTZEL - SOUND ART (self-edition)
1996 REAL / HYPER State Gallery Wroclaw (Poland) Uli Guth and Tilman Küntzel
1996 BASED ON A TRUE STORY Gallery Grenzraum, Frankfurt /O. (Germany)
1995 TIME & SPACE / SOUND & SILENCE / PRESENCE & VOID, State Gallery Arsenal, Bialystok (Poland), Paul Panhuysen and Tilman Küntzel
1992 WE ARE CATCHING THE POSSIBLE, CD-Catalogue, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Baden-Baden(Germany)
1991 THE EYE LOOKS - THE EAR FINDS - the artist's works till 1991

Tilman Küntzel
Lights & Sounds

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  'Lights & Sounds' - Catalogue 1999
  'Lights & Sounds' - CD-R 1998
  'Sonic Windsocks / Harbour Symphony' - CD-R 1998
  'Music featuring weaver's looms' - CD-R 1998
  'Wir fangen das Mögliche' - CD 1992