'Remembrance of American Jackson Pollock' Weser-Kurier

1964 born in Hamburg, Germany
1980 drum lessons
1983 guitar, organ, first artworks - oil-painting, postmodern furniture
1987 starting with eggtempera, study trip to Catalunya (Spain)
1988 study trip to the Pyrenees (France)
1989 study trip to Médoc (France), diploma in graphic arts
1991 bass, improvisation sessions - then giving up for professional painting, atelier in Bremen
1992 'Art Partout' - eggtempera, influenced by action-painting and luminograms
1993 - transfering to oil-painting (in traditional combination with eggtempera)
1994 - transforming to representational motifs
1995 rediscovering traditional materials for painting based on hemp
1996 atelier in Hamburg
1997 atelier in Berlin
1998 'Brush & Strings' in London, established with John Bisset and Rhodri Davies
1999 'Mindful Orbit' - interdisciplinary work with mathematician Dr. Oliver Steinkamp
2001 'live-tempera' - interdisciplinary project with free improvising guest-musicians
2002 'inter fine art' - with Joachim Zoepf (saxophones, bass-clarinet), Wolfgang Schliemann (percussion), Fine Kwiatkowski (dance)

in Dangast, Bremen, Berlin (Anti-War-Museum, Hemp-Museum a.o.), London

Interdisciplinary artworks (music/painting)

with Claus van Bebber, John Butcher, Tony Buck, Tom Chant, Matthew Davis, Phil Durrant, John Edwards, Annette Krebs, Steve Noble, Alex Nowitz, Michael Renkel, Mark Wastell, Alan Wilkinson a.o.

with Chris Cundy, Charles Hayward, Kaffe Matthews, Tony Wren a.o. at 'Relay 7 - three venues, seventeen musicians, one painter' in London 1999

beside painted releases 'Mindful Orbit' (with Dr. Oliver Steinkamp) is looking interdisciplinary forward to virtual audio-releases of fractal formulas in response to 'Melnikov's Method and Homoclinic Chaos for Random Dynamical Systems'


    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  live-tempera - lang gekracht - CD 2003
  Brush & Strings: Grounded Not Bottomed - CD 1999