photo 1 by Delta Ra'i, photo 2 by Chris Purcel

Guitar, Electronic, Violin, Gamelan


born 1963, has been a versatile guitarist for 29 years. He employs traditional & prepared guitar techniques, along with signal processing and field recordings, to create a blend of improvisational/compositional music drawing on the processes of musique concrete and the philosophy of butoh, playing with the boundaries between musical form and pure sound/noise.

His primary project is Djalma Primordial Science with butoh dancer Ephia and they recently completed a Southwestern tour collaborating with double-reeds/electronic musician Kyle Bruckmann. Other projects include the Berlin-based el ectro-acoustic trio ZYGOMA with percussionist Michael Vorfeld and sampling by Michael Walz. Additional appearances with reknown East German trombonist Konrad Bauer and English guitar pioneer Keith Rowe, confirm a continual interest in the European tradition of experimental/improvisational music.

A CD of his work solo guitar and electro-acoustic compositions called ENERGARIUMS has just been released by the German experimental label NURNICHTNUR.

His "10 Improvisations for Shortwave Radio" was broadcast on June 26, 2003, alongside works by John Duncan and Steve Roden, as part of the Nonsequitur Foundation's AetherFest 2003, an international festival for radio art.  Gburek’s work has been chosen for special presentation at Musee d' Art Moderne et Contemporain in Strasbourg and Les Instants Chavires in Paris in May 2004.
    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  'Energariums' - CD 2004