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born 1941 in Munich.
It is no exaggeration to say that Limpe Fuchs's musical creations really have life of their own, whether the sounds are produced by conventional instruments, vocal chords, or even come from objects she found or constructed for the purpose. Her music is characterized, especially when she is playing the ballaststring instruments, by the reverberating humming of the strings, rich in overtones, and by the mysterious echoes emanating from stones.
For Limpe Fuchs music means setting out on a joyous journey of discovery. She is not afraid to leave firm ground behind and thus, by avoiding rigidity, preserves the vitality of her music. This particularly comes across when collaborating with other musicians, whether improvising freely or on a given theme. Her music makes us sit up and listen, and at the same time enriches us, for only when we have learnt how to listen can we really appreciate the true nature of things.
Sound events are created for each composition with carefully chosen materials: rows of oakwood pieces, rows of marble and serpentine stones, bronze bowls, bronze sheets, horn of wood, ballast string instruments, invented by Paul Fuchs and Dieter Truestedt: Heavy bronze bars fixed on a long piano wire, suspended from a broad bronze drum. The visual aspect is of the same importance as the acoustic. The violin is integrated into the sound environment, the piano creates its own sound characteristic.

1962-1967 studies at Musikhochschule Munich
1968 Underground explosion, multi media tour
1970 LP Stürmischer Himmel
1971 LP Musik für Alle
1974 LP Anima / It's up to you, with Friedrich Gulda
1978-1985 ANIMA MUSICA concerts, LPs Monte Alto, Der regt mich auf and Bruchstücke für Ilona
1986 ballast eine liebe, with Paul Fuchs
1987 consonanza personale, with Friedrich Gulda, LP via
1988 1.atlantic crossing tour, with Carlos Nakai and Paul Fuchs
1989 spuren der liebe, with Paul Fuchs
1990 Euregio Musiktage Aachen, 2.atlantic crossing tour, with Carlos Nakai and Paul Fuchs
1991 Realizzazione dei Sogni with Alexej Sagerer and Antonino Bove, Vogelfrau with Heie Boles and Patrik Lumma, Ester with Eva Hörbiger and Lina Fuchs
1992 Gesang zur Nacht, Klanghörspiel, Den Stimmen nachhören radioplay
1993 Chaparral with Theo Jörgensmann Ensemble, Caccia radioplay
1994 Faust theatreproduction, Pferd solo radioplay, Heimat dancetheatre, CD Muusiccia
1995 Listen to the sound disappearing
1996 Tinnitus with Hans Michael Rehberg, Eva Yvonne Forler and Sebi Tramontana, workshop at UFA Cairo
1997 Sie dachte an das geordnete Chaos with Leo Verol, Klänge und Geräusche at Akademie Tutzing

Limpe Fuchs

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  'NUR MAR MUS' - CD 1999
  'Muusiccia (Metal/Stones) - CD 1993