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Rhodri challenges traditional concepts of the harp through use of preparations, micro tuning and bowed strings. He is specifically interested in working within string chamber music contexts and is a part of a young generation of European musicians who share an interest in exploring silence, texture and time. He moved to London in 1995 where he became active on the London improvisation scene. He has since performed in America, Canada and Europe and has had numerous appearances on radio and television. Co-runs the 'All Angels' venue and Confront Recordings with Mark Wastell.

As well as solo playing, Rhodri works in duos with John Butcher and John Bisset. He has also performed with groups that are solely dedicated to free improvisation; Derek Bailey's Company in NY with John Zorn and Joey Baron, Strings with Evan Parker, Broken Consort, CRANC and The Sealed Knot with Burkhard Beins and Mark Wastell, a group that connects young London and Berlin musicians.

Much of Rhodri's work explores the contradictory and complimentary flux between composition and improvisation, and he plays with many groups that reflect this interest, notably Chris Burn's Ensemble, IST, Apartment House and Assumed Possibilities. Rhodri has also toured England with Butch Morris' London Skyscraper.

Interdisciplinary work includes 'Brush & Strings' with visual artist Marcus Heesch.

In ad hoc groupings he has played with Martine Altenburger, Steve Beresford, Johan Berthling, Phillip Corner, Matt Davis, Isabellle Dutoit, Robin Hayward, Eddie Prevost, Alessandra Rombolla, Ignaz Schick, Hans Koch, Annette Krebs, Andrea Neumann, Keith Rowe and Ingar Zach.


1997 Anagrams to Avoid SIWA #3 LP IST
1997 Consequences (of time and place) Front 04 IST
1997 Navigations Acta 12 Chris Burn's Ensemble
1998 Ghost Notes BF 28 IST
1998 Compilation 3 BF27 Simon Fell
1998 Assumed Possibilities Front 05 Burn/Davies/Durrant/Wastell
1998 Pure Water Construction Discus 11 Archer/Fell
1999 Malthouse 2.13 010 Bisset/Davies
2000 Proceedings Emanem 4201 London Improvisers Orchestra
2000 The Sealed Knot Front 06 Beins/Davies/Wastell
2000 All Angels Edo07 CRANC
2001 Strings with Evan Parker Emanem 4302
2001 Relay Eight 2.13 011
2001 The Hearing Continues Emanem 4203 London Improvisers Orchestra
2001 Vortices & Angels Emanem 4049 Butcher with Bailey and Davies
2001 Company in Marseille Incus44/45 Bailey/Davies/Fell/Gaines/Wastell
2001 The First Two Gigs Emanem 4063 Burn/Butcher/Davies/Edwards

Rhodri Davies

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  Brush & Strings: Grounded Not Bottomed - CD 1999