'The most original improvising guitarist of his generation - merging a truly individual technique with an improviser's ear rare in many contemporary electric guitarists.' Loose Connections

1960 born in Stockport, Chesire, England
1965 piano
1971 guitar
1975 'Pride', first puplic performance in Manchester as warm up act for THE FALL
1979 'Ravensbourne Art Collage' in London until 1983
practising painter until 1990

John Bisset has been playing guitar since the age of eleven - as an improviser, composer and arranger in many and various short-term groupings, and with the following regular bands and projects:

London Electric Guitar Orchestra (L.E.G.O.)
six electric guitars and one electric bass
compositions by Bisset, Frith, Chadbourne and band members
toured England with Billy Jenkins in Winter 1997

an annual event, now in its 8th year with 3 venues and 13 musicians rotating through the venues in randomly determined combination (when one arrives, another must leave), since 1997 also annually in Berlin

2:13 Club London/Berlin/Athens
run jointly with drummer Burkhard Beins based in Berlin, between 1994 and 1998 presenting monthly concerts of improvised and experimental music in Stoke Newington Library Gallery, London and Vollrads Tonsaal, Berlin
currently presenting one off events and annual festivals and relays and running 2:13 Music-Anglo/German CD label with 7 releases to date

with Kaffe Matthews live sampling / violin
music for installation Placemademobile
CD Holly -gigs in Berlin and Hamburg during April 1998

The Arc
with Orphy Robinson vibes, SimoH. Fell bass, Pat Thomas keyboards & electronics and Mark Sanders drums
toured England in October 1999
Umbria Jazz Festival 2000, Italy

ran for one month on 'Resonance 107 FM' - in conjunction with Meltdown Festival 1998
nominated for the Sony Award Best Breakfast Show of the Year

arranger and performer of John Dowland for Happy Happy
Viv Dogan Curringham voice, Gail Brand trombone
arranger and performer of Henry Purcell for dance piece Vivre d'Amour et d'Eau Fraiche choreographed by Sarah Goldfarb
premiered at Resolution! at 'The Place' in January 1999
peerformances in March and April

Butch Morris London Skyscraper
CMN Tour 1997

Real Time Music Meeting
Hamburg 1998
invited artist

Derek Bailey's Cavaoconnor
with 20 sampler / turntable players
London 1998

many tours with Burkhard Beins drums in England and Germany, with various collaborators, including

Arts Council Tour of Babel
with Caroline Kraabel sax, Sarah Goldfarb voice & flute, John Edwards bass

Fairplay '98 Festival
with Evan Parker and others
London 1998

Duo with Rhodri Davies, Malthouse, 2:13CD006
'Hell' with Kaffe Matthews, Holly, 2:13CD004
'Relay III', Random Play, 2:13CD001
Suddenly Last Summer, West Third and MacDougal, SB24
The Mosquitos, Funny Old World, SB38
L.E.G.O., Dervish, Resonance compilation
Kneel Down Like a Saint Gorilla and Stop, 2:13CD003
13 lumps of chease , 2:13CD005
7 Wholls, 2:13CD007
Flying Fish (Without Wings), OBJ015
London Improvisers Orchestra, Proceedings, Emanem 4201
RELAY 8, Various Artists, 2:13CD011
Duo with BURKHARD BEINS, Chapel / Kapell, 2:13CD012

plus 6 lps and singles from teens...

Brush & Strings

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  Brush & Strings: Grounded Not Bottomed - CD 1999